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And the mind gets dirty, as you get closer to thirty

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One sure sign you’re getting old:  It’s been years since you cared about who Damon Albarn was sleeping with.

Twitter: A Freudian Treatment

The Superego:

The Ego:

And the Id:

There’s no turning back

Dear Tears for Fears:

Please rewrite your iconic (neurologist Judith Rapoport devoted an entire chapter to it when describing Obsessive Compulsive disorder-iconic) 80s song  to include lyrics reflecting the following sentiments:


/s/ Athena’s Mom

Assistant Counsel, Department of Disillusioned by Power but seduced by intelligence, only not the kind David Brooks attributed to the Organization Kids

cc:  Department of: Welcome to your life

There for you

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If they’d spelled it without the “r”, Friends would have been an entirely different show.

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