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Things I enjoyed as a little kid that I still pretty much do

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As a little kid, I enjoyed:  reading the encyclopedia, just for fun
Now: reading Wikipedia, just for fun

As a little kid, I enjoyed:  wearing pretty dresses
Now:  getting a little thrill every time I have the chance to wear one of my favorite LBDs

As a little kid, I enjoyed: paging through the Evanston Rec Department’s program guide, and trying to figure out which classes I could convince my mom to let me take (she always made me leave Tuesday and Thursday open for Hebrew School)
Now:  paging through the 92nd St. Y’s class and lecture offerings for the next season, and trying to figure out what fits my schedule (is it just me, or are the best classes scheduled during times only retirees or freelancers can make it?  Advanced life drawing at 10 am on a Wednesday? GTFO)

Sliding down the razor blade of life

The Times’ parental anxiety grand puba Jacques Steinberg asks the duh question “Is going to an elite college worth the cost?”

My take?  Job opportunities aside, going to an elite college means never having to make nice with dental hygienists and cell phone salesmen at alumni events.

Life Lesson #36

If you are watching “Working Girl” from your Sarah Lawrence dorm room, the take away for you is not do what ever it takes to get ahead.  It’s don’t give your secretary your house keys.

And the mind gets dirty, as you get closer to thirty

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One sure sign you’re getting old:  It’s been years since you cared about who Damon Albarn was sleeping with.

The ‘rents are too damn high

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The thing is, Andrew Cuomo is so confident in his status that he not only married a Kennedy…he divorced one too!

Capital L

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People who aren’t familiar with the Libertarian party need to date more.  That’s where I became intimately familiar with libertarianism.

Twitter: A Freudian Treatment

The Superego:

The Ego:

And the Id:

There’s no turning back

Dear Tears for Fears:

Please rewrite your iconic (neurologist Judith Rapoport devoted an entire chapter to it when describing Obsessive Compulsive disorder-iconic) 80s song  to include lyrics reflecting the following sentiments:


/s/ Athena’s Mom

Assistant Counsel, Department of Disillusioned by Power but seduced by intelligence, only not the kind David Brooks attributed to the Organization Kids

cc:  Department of: Welcome to your life

Should we talk about the weather

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I can see the made for tv movie, now:

Earl: From Redneck Uncle to Hurricane

Hold on to your PBR, friends.

You might have missed the point

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And then there is the type of person who uses Ripoff Report to bitch about the ACLU.


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Nothing is funnier than clowns doing unclown-like things.

Such as:

Tsk, tsk, Derek.  You should’ve stayed with the Dominos.